✅ Top Stories Today – Beijing has been accused of having secret plans to house its troops on Vanuatu – close to Australia and New Zealand.
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28 thoughts on “China Building HUGE MILITARY BASE Next To Australia’ As Claims Spark Worries

  1. ITs reminds me of a movie,007 Tomorrow Never Dies.I just hope everything that happens in the movie doesn't happen in reality.

  2. The picture,really? The missile was launched form a aircraft carrier? Next time you try to provoke WW3,please,be professional

  3. Chinese bullshit , from an asshole..!!!!! Fuck china, stay away or you will start a war ya greedy mother fuckers.

  4. China does not trust its' people other than the 50 cent army of oppressed trolls to watch or comment on Youtube so the comments below supporting Chinese military aggression in the South China Sea are Chinese propaganda. China is just a dictatorship like those other pillars of humanity North Korea, Russia and Syria. Funny how all the oppressive shitbag countries stick together….

  5. If the other countries agreed,what's the matter that China built military bases on their land? You can also built military bases around China,if you has the ability. Crying a river,someone?

  6. Australia is just a beer drinking surrender monkey…. it has sold off most of its resources to finance its liberal gay dreams and to keep poor people out. now totalitarian superpowers like Russia and China are taking advantage of this weakness in the west to further their world dominance… drop the vegimite Bruce .. you need a LionKing of a leader like the mighty Donald

  7. For those intellectual midgets that support China you should be aware that the South China Sea is that by name only and it is shared by many nations. If you support totalitarian regimes such as China and the Islamic theocracy of Iran you do not possess freedom.of thought and their Orwellian caudillos have already sabotaged your mind. Crazy guy from China you are in a poor state of mental health, like most Chinese. We see you in Asia everywhere. Mindless trolls directed to where they can go by tour guides. Here in tne Lucky Country we have democracy and freedom of thought. Crazy guy from China if you try to invsde Australia you better be prepared for the natural dangers such as crocs, snakes, spiders, sharks, the desert and some pretty poisonous plants as well as the detetmination of some of the best soldiers in tne world. But it won'tt happen China's ships will be sunk and crocs and sharks will turn you into dim sims. 🐑

  8. Hey aholes…China is blocking international freedoms of navigation. America is protecting it, that is the difference. If Austrailia doesn't stop China, it is their fault. China will ultimately lose this battle though.

  9. Winnie the Pooh Xi, wants to play soldier…actually his puffy face and uniform look good together. Dictator Xi and Dictator drawrte (Philippines), Dictator Putin and Dictator Kim Fung Do, all make good playmates. Wait what's that smell?…someone did poopy in their diaper…ahh it's the one with the smiling pooh face. Bad boy Winnie.

  10. The human is to stupid to realize that the enemy is standing and looking into the mirror. I walk through the the mall and I see Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Arabs, Sikhs, Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, Pakistanis, Australians, Germans, French, and so many more. I have yet to spot an enemy. Where are they? Why the military shit? Who are they looking to kill? WTF? 😜

  11. Why is that no countries dare to question about the existence of hundreds of military bases all over the world?

  12. Chinese is very wise , liar and never help without in return. They cannot even contribute to himanitarian the world .

  13. What is Australia a Britain colony driectly controlled by queen of England’s appointed governor handles all it defence ect

  14. Stop Lying to the people China is not building a military base in Vanuatu, China can builds in many country but not Vanuatu not worth it and beside China is building a floating Military Base. China is not like U.S had so many Base around the world wasting $$$$. clever chinese. Australia still don't know what's happen, U.S fear your relatonship with China getting too close need to break you guys up i guess all work out good. and you do know they spy on you all your phone call and txt.

  15. Definitely need to keep that communist toilet at bay. China's greed grows proportionate to it's military power.

  16. "Suspected" ?! They've got a right to do so,….the US does anyway, why not the Chinese ?

    If you don't want the one don't do the other,….it's a time tested formula innit.

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