Chef Grabs Waitresses Ponytail and Yanks Her to The Ground – Caught On Camera

Chef Grabs Waitresses Ponytail and Yanks Her to The Ground – Caught On Camera
Chef who grabbed a waitress by her ponytail and YANKED her to the ground in argument over a burnt kids’ chicken nugget meal is charged with assault
Jiguang Yang, 68, charged with assault and battery in South Carolina on Friday
The Red Bowl Asian Bistro chef is seen on surveillance video grabbing waitress
Server Cristina Surina says she told chef an order of chicken nuggets was burnt
Chinese citizen Yang now fears deportation due to ‘political climate’, says lawyerA chef caught on camera yanking the ponytail of a waitress who questioned him has been arrested.
Jiguang Yang, 68, was arrested and charged with third degree assault and battery on Friday in connection with the shocking incident, which happened last month at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Columbia, South Carolina.
Yang, a Chinese citizen, is a chef at the Asian fusion restaurant, which his son owns.
‘The food was burnt, it was a kids meal,’ waitress Cristina Surina told WIS-TV, explaining how the dramatic incident began in the restaurant kitchen on April 19.

‘I didn’t feel like I should take out a child burnt chicken nuggets and fried shrimp. I asked the owner. He was in the kitchen at that time to remake it,’ Surina said.
‘I turned around to start pouring ketchup for the kids’ meal and when I was pouring ketchup, his dad came behind me and snatched my head down and I don’t know what happened after that.’
Surina said that she had worked at the restaurant for over five years, using the income to support her children and make house payments.
She is now unemployed after coming forward to police about the incident, she said.
Yang is currently free on a personal recognizance bond of $2,125.
The aging chef now fears deportation, his lawyer told WIS.
‘This is a very serious charge,’ attorney Victor Li said.
‘What makes this worse is there is a lot at stake. His family has done very well in the community. We are very worried about deportation with the political climate.’


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23 thoughts on “Chef Grabs Waitresses Ponytail and Yanks Her to The Ground – Caught On Camera

  1. The girl deserves some compensation, sue his ass, The community should boycott the restaurant and the guy needs his ass kicked. We don't treat women like that here in the USA. Then go ahead and deport his ass, strap him to a missile and send him back.

  2. deport the asshole…she worked hard for 5 years for him and turned and did this? fuck him I hope she finds a better job with better employers?sue the shit out of him too…?

  3. Cristina Surina It looks like you would very likely have severe and possible disc and upper back permanent disability from the violent assault you suffered by the hands of likely soon to be convicted criminal Jiguang Yang. Back and disc disorders can manifest weeks after the violence & trauma is perpetrated against the body. You are in South Carolina. Please consult a personal injury attorney who will advise which specialists and surgeons to go to. The business needs to take full financial responsibility for the trauma and violence inflicted as well as possible life long disability, but that is up to a jury to decide compensation. Please consult your local bar association, and an attorney Also contact Bureau of Labor and Industries about the wrongful termination as well as State Employment Department. You can also contact the Federal Program Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement at 1-855-48-VOICE Also start meeting with local politicians. Find a politician who aligns with your cause whether it be stopping violence in the workplace, stopping violence against women, stopping immigrant violence. Good luck.

  4. Nothing will happen to this gook piece of Shit.
    If this woman has a "man" he will take a dick up his ass by doing nothing about his woman being assaulted.
    Hopefully she was a Leftist and therefore should have gotten MUCH WORSE than just being yanked to the floor like a whore.

  5. if he is an immigrant and decides to assault a co worker over burnt chicken nuggets the cunt should be deported, fuck his lawyer

  6. If I committed such a crime in any other country I would expect to be beaten, imprisoned and then deported. We should do the same here in the West.

  7. afraid of deportation? Well dumb fuck I guess you shouldn't have gone and grab that woman's hair this is America you can't do that here and get away with it asshole

  8. I'm willing to bet that this isn't the first time this jackwagon attacked someone.
    He should have thought about deportation before he assaulted an American Citizen.
    That should be enough to deport any non-citizen.
    Bye bye.

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