Can The US Survive an EMP?

The North first threatened an EMP attack over the summer, and their media and its people have mentioned it several times since.

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43 thoughts on “Can The US Survive an EMP?

  1. The Soviet Union and probably Chyna is well prepared…can we in many aspects of life, knowing the formation of one world order I have no doubt of what may happen. but I don't think many Americans are prepared for that, the United States of America preparing us for that… what a shame just like individuals living…. paycheck-to-paycheck kind of a lifestyle…. not looking for tomorrow on everyday needs. which is food water and a place to sleep and protecting your rights…. so involved in money moving living in the control environment, that one thing can be drastic upon all of us… like you said maybe people will not last and other country … We will be taken advantage of …. put those who has the means to America land of the free home of the brave… but cannot survive a EMP…. or a nuclear blast.. like sheep for the slaughter!!!!!!!

  2. America would band together. The nightmare would be for anyone attempting to invade, not Americans. It would be the best thing for this country. Get rid of cell phones, computers, surveillance, and all the stupid technology they use to control us. It would reset us to normalcy..people talking to each other again, growing food, sewing our own clothes and relying on God and community once again. Hell yeah we can survive!!! And be the better for it. Walk, ride bikes, ride horses and just live. I would say hallelujah.




  4. Like you say: what if…could die from the following….Chem trails, GMO in food, chem in water, etc… yup, what if….

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  6. The "P" stands for "PULSE" that is the magnetic spike will happen in an instant, and will be limited in range due to power restrictions, and many vehicles will be shielded. I am more worried about a huge radiant heat pulse that would toast us all.

  7. the only cars that might get around an EMP are the ones that do not depend on a computer as a mainframe.. from the 60s to the late 80s if your lucky.. most cars were from this era were destroyed in "cars for clunckers"… of which most mechanics declined to obey.. due to rule being to destroy most of the engines internal working systems.. I am not clear on what they were but do know that it would be the equivalent of gutting your cow and trying to get it to make a profit..

  8. If you live in a community I would guess it would be “ the haves vs the have nots” .Those who have prepared would be assaulted for their goods. People who have isolated themselves in a rural or mountainous local would be better able to sustain a pioneer type existence. Preparedness for such an event is key to living through it. At some point there may be need to barter goods and services with other pockets of individuals. I truly believe that most people would not share ,but use deadly force to get whatever they want. Survival is human nature whatever the cost. Stock piling medicines and ammunition along with tools and sources to grow food ( water supply) and animal husbandry should be one of the first steps to isolation and survival.

  9. I think you would need atleast a
    few airborn EMP attacks to
    compromise the entire nation

    I dont think any nation iz capable
    of avoiding calamity from an EMP

    but it would take more than one

    or wat do I kno' ?! … … lol

  10. I heard that EMP attacks  would only affect a small region…  who knows.  My chickens will still lay eggs after an EMP…  my neighbors will be fed.

  11. First of all 7 look at what is the necessary things In prepping.the basic 4 if you have family add how many kids and your spouse i been prepping my homemade bunker for two years know and when the grid gose down i be ready the basic will be water food dry canned. If you got alot of money mri are the way to go because they be no 💰

  12. You should add urban food sources. Like fishing in city ponds and rivers. Hunting the most common protein source in every city pigeons. Local city parks ducks. 1 peace of bread and a fishing net can feed a family consistently. Carbohydrates are available in parks along canals and swampy areas. Was planning on making a video about this topic but if you show this more will learn how to find food in a city. You need some assistance i will share a lot of untapped urban food sources you can teach the masses. Thanx for all you do. Like to see you do more dredging and having fun.

  13. My immediate family and I would be fine. Sure, it would be a tough way to go for sure, and definitely a major lifestyle change, but those who survive are the ones that can adapt to their surroundings very quickly! I'm from southern WV where most have been brought up how to be self sufficient and live off of the land. I believe one of the greatest challenges would be protecting ourselves, materials, food, and water from the thieves who haven't learned any survival techniques.

  14. The "troops" have to know what's going on and they choose to continue for the paycheck. To rally organize and say time to arrest every traitor in Congress ect the meal ticket goes off the tracks.

  15. The key is to have the right group to survive…. I may last longer than most but my group is pretty weak compared to what it could/should be.

  16. I worked for years in electromagnetic science and also designing training for DOE Emergency Responders. DOE says recovery will take 6 – 10 years, but 90% will die in the first year. Panic, lack of knowledge, & selfishness will KILL. There will be chemical spills, rail accidents, & Nuke plant emergencies – the sensors are NOT hardened. Actually, the EMP is weaker to north & south due to polarity of earth's magnetic field.

  17. When the lights go off, I all bets are off. It's everyone for himself. Anything goes. The government will probably ring in Marshal Law. It's not gonna be fun. Everyone will be fighting for their lives.
    That's why, hort food and water, medicine, toilet paper, soap, seasoning… Make sure you'll have weapons for self defence.
    BE prepared! Not surprised!

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