John Volanthen, one of the two divers who found the 12 boys and their football coach in the Tham Luang cave complex, has said they were not heroes, adding: ‘What we do is very calculating, very calm – it is quite the opposite.’ He also paid tribute to Saman Kunan, a Thai navy Seal who died during the rescue operation
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9 thoughts on “British diver pays tribute to navy Seal who died in Thailand cave rescue

  1. good. its the death of the seal that caused the additional evaluation for rescued success. had his death not occurred the scenario would have been identical to the experts predictions i.e. several to majority drowned during surface navigation. its good that fact, which should be any central drama piece to any leftist garbage televised creation, is undisputed within the guardians range of reporting, and is the actual unfortunate news of the sensationalized events recognition.

  2. Let me say I should never forget that seal who gave the ultimate gift, for other human fellow, its is one memory I should carry until I to make my own journey and go from this existence I whit all my heart Hope he Rest In Peace, and the family finds some relief and peace as soon as this tragedy lets them do so. God bless the good will people because of them is they kingdom of the sky.

  3. The Guardian did an outstanding job reporting this rescue operation. Many thanks from America! A special thanks to reporter Michael Safi in Delhi for his very informative tweets and immediate updates! Awesome reporting!!?

  4. John, Rick & Rob are indeed heroes of the highest order… combined with their unique expertise their regular life threatening and life saving volunteer work is legendary… all around the World?
    To say we are proud of all you people involved in the British Cave Rescue Council is but to scratch the surface… you lead, and we will follow you into oblivion.
    John… you are a bloody hero… accept it and crack on!
    Unbelievable bravery!

  5. This rescue became the huge inspiration of the whole world because it gathered humans with such huge hearts and humble souls. All rescuers and volunteers never seek the limelight, just sacrifice themselves for strangers. They are the evidence that true angels exist on earth and superheroes didn't need no capes. They are the lights of all humankind.

  6. Nope nope nope. You are a hero. That’s exactly how a hero should operate. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (including yourself)

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