BREAKING NEWS: US Navy Strikes Syrian Airfield This Evening…

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37 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: US Navy Strikes Syrian Airfield This Evening…

  1. It was almost worth Trump doing this just to watch all of the leftists freak out. I thought Russia and Trump were BFFs?

  2. Pray this is all Trump does. I'm tired of war. I have been and seen war sense 1968. enough…..semper fi

  3. I think it was a very calculated move. But it was a risky move too and I'm disappointed in trump right now.

  4. well this is fucked, I voted Trump specifically in hopes that this exact shit is going to be avoided since Killary flat out announced it multiple times during her campaign, and now this fuck nut goes ahead and pulls the trigger on the Russians who are busy fighting the real terrorists. US is the worlds biggest and most dangerous nuclear armed terrorist state. Fuck this shit, this is pathetic.

  5. This is a long-shot and even I would be surprised if it was true but remember how Obama conducted a major purge of the military? Thousands of general's and other high ranking officers were fired. Who filled the shoes of those officers? I would assume people more to Obama and the Hilldabeast's liking. What if the Suzan Rice scandal was way more incriminating to the Hilldabeast and Obama than we thought so they showed Trump he may control DC but they control the military and he better play ball or they will start a war and blame it on trump. When bombs start falling around central park it wont matter how many twitter followers or keck memes your fans post Mr. Trump, the masses will run to their T.V. for truth…..our truth.

  6. I don't guess they will be flying around with any more gas bombs to drop on their own people. It was the very least thing that could be done, to disable their runways. But the downside is the whole Middle East is mad at the US, PLUS Russia. Look for a rise in terrorism in the states.

  7. Well, good knowing you all.
    Praying for the troops, and all the people also.
    May have to shine up some pitchforks for the ones that lied us into another conflict.
    Pray that Russia, Iran, nor China, which is also intervening in Syria, doesn't say f-it and just go off. Guess we'll know for sure if Xi still comes to Trumps pad tomorrow.

  8. I honestly don't know where I should stand on this issue. Some people say that this shows that Trump has a backbone and is not in league with Putin. Others say he went too far and that it was a false flag. What do you guys all think? I'd like some input on this please.

  9. People think this is the wrong move, intel was bad, we're facing WWIII.
    69 Missiles they could see coming and do nothing about.
    It's long past time for the US to stand up to these mini Dictators…
    Obama kept hiding from the consequences which is why we're flooded with all the refugees that have a leader that uses chemical weapons on his own people.
    Trump said a regime change wasn't a priority last week so Assad said screw you and tried to step across the line again.
    We get all the garbage with the additional terrorist cells due to the immigration policies the Liberals enforce undermining our security.
    Even the handicapped girl raped by 3 underage Syrian Refugees in Idaho was made into the villian instead of the victim by the Liberal Attorney General appointed for the District.
    They just pled guilty and are awaiting sentencing.
    With the loaded lower courts filled with sanctimonious liberals as judges the Democrats used the Nuclear option to emplace, our only option is to stop the emigrants in their home country.
    Obama has been an embarrassment for the last 8 years with his red line in the sand he kept moving.
    We need to gain our standing back in the International Community for own safety.
    How long do you think Assad's Military Leaders are going to be willing to lead their Country into a major conflict backed by a World Wide reaction to an act so atrocious against women and children.
    Trump made it clear this was in reaction to an act against humanity, it needed to be done.

  10. So today Americans get shafted so many ways it's almost inconceivable… Wow… Hunker down, pray for our service personnel and expect sh*t to hit the fan in a major way. The fallout from all this stupidity will be immense. Thanks for reporting on all this despite being personally shafted by this very platform. Will also pray for you and all freedom loving channels currently under attack.

  11. Such an @sshole, i voted for him to avoid this crap.
    His intel better be 100 % correct,and i'm praying no russians were killed .

  12. My brother is one of those Navy boys out there. won't say his name (his security clearance prohibits it) but I'm a very proud Navy sister here. Bout time our military got even more proactive. I hate Trump but he is genuinely amazing with our military. his strategies are spot on…and Mattis was a hugely badass bonus

  13. YouTube is on a roll today demonetizing gun channels and within one minute this video. I would have to think your directly on their radar. What are the other avenues to get the content I enjoy without their sensorship?

  14. High confidence? It's definitely bullshit and we all know that. What we don't know is if the real reason is really worth it.

  15. I don't trust this news at all. I have lost a lot of faith in trump for doing this. So yea, no congressional approval or involvement. Rumor is that McCain was there in the last month and that this attack was false flagged. Like who would handle the victims of a chemical attack without gloves… Please.

  16. Rebels put chemical weapons where the strikes were to hit.
    We will see war on American soil and trump couldn't GET REAL DATA? Fuck get piece of loser shit.
    Thank you for the info. ?

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