Breaking News – Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Stands Ready Waiting President Trump’s Order

Breaking News – Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Stands Ready Waiting President Trump’s Order


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25 thoughts on “Breaking News – Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Stands Ready Waiting President Trump’s Order

  1. These aircraft carriers will get wrecked so hard. Full spectrum dominance down to the drink with a few cheap missiles/torpedoes, I think 😜 We build machines of war so we can go to war, what a screwed up species we are. We do not deserve this world.

  2. SEEEEEE , no body can tell you straight, war or no war so we as population can prepare, so many secrets , so much confusion as far as I am concerned if they can't tell us straight , they all can go to hell BUT I know what the lord Jesus said in revelations , Daniel , Ezekiel, and the whole new testament ,,,,,,,,OOOOOHHHHH , NEW TESTAMENT , let everyone in High and Low Places think about the Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ and what it Cost God and Father to Give his only sinless son for us for our Disobedience against God and Father , THE GRACE , THE GIFT , THE DEPTHS OF LOVE but NO every one want's to do on their own strength , these high end people never pray for Godly wisdom and if they ever did , they ask amiss , I hate them All so , they never read or listen to God's word and yes I know we all can still sin but not make a decision to purposely do it , the lies and so on , Bastards, all of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matis is not a man at all. He himself said that he is yet to find out who did that Chemical attack, but Trump is jumping to the conclusion. If Matis is a man, he should resign. However, like a slave, he is saying he will obey Trump.

  4. All this nonsense has nothing to do with Syria or with what Assad may have done or not but with the simple fact that spoiled brat Amurrica is not anymore the top dog in this world and cannot go anymore all around our planet destroying entire countries and killing millions of people at her will and this is the reality that the poor spoiled fuck cannot simply accept.

  5. We must be very careful to not let know that there will be an imminent retaliation and modify the plan just few hours later. I am 100% for Peace. Making such menaces can bring immediate action from adversary which could be very challenging to the nation and added to this, retaliation menaces without retaliating makes you loose your credibility in all further discussion. Why are the world Leaders waiting (or prefer to wait after open war?) to hold a major meeting to discuss in order to find tangible positive answers for every one ? Better to discuss before an open war than trying to stop an invasion from an adversary once launched. NO ONE NATION IN THE WORLD can expect to gain anything from open war today; but disaster, radiation affected soil and Winter for years to come. LET's GIVE PEACE A CHANCE ! In every person there is God and Evil. Just assure you to have God acting in each one. Peace to the people of good will.

  6. It's always a chemical attack huh when will you stop blaming these people for the chemicals that they can't produce

  7. Wow rusia and US now creating scenario of rumors of war , business capitalist were very happy for what a great income

  8. Mr. Mattis, we do not want war … get that clear & loud please: NO WAR, NO WAR, NO WAR, NO WAR, NO WAR, NO WAR, NO WAR, NO WAR … Everybody go home now!

  9. We the American People should vote when it comes to war and military personnel should stand up for their god giving rights. This kinda of actions affects us all and it shouldnt be decided by group of politicians.

  10. Russia is all bluff. They well know that a conflict with the US would destroy their entire Mediterranean fleet. And humiliate Russia on the world stage that would last for years.

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