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Home » BREAKING: Iranian Ship Intercepts US Destroyer – Until We Fired Off 1 Of These… – DAILY NEWS

BREAKING: Iranian Ship Intercepts US Destroyer – Until We Fired Off 1 Of These… – DAILY NEWS

BREAKING: Iranian Ship Intercepts US Destroyer – Until We Fired Off 1 Of These…
What would you advise our military do when an Iranian ship is barreling down on one of our destroyers, with their weapons manned?
The USS Mahan had to face this situation just recently, in the Persian Gulf. The American destroyer chose to simply terrify the Iranian ship by firing a simple warning flare!
I guess the Iranian military isn’t as brave as they want us to think they are! Back in January, the USS Mahan had to fire warning shots at Iranian vessels, in the same area.

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  • Jeff loves dogs says:

    The next time Iranian ships come at ours and arm their weapons, sink that ship US Navy!

  • Nabil Kasim says:

    cant wait for the dollar to collapse so i can burn hundred dollar bills

  • A. v.G. says:

    if anyone thinks, he has the right to break into someone's home, kill the owner and then claim, "this is mine, God bless my home or even my country", like Americans say "God bless America", a country, that's been taken from the American natives by the most evil genocide in modern history, then I'm a million percent sure, that God will never bless the descendants of those, who committed such atrocities against mankind. The reason, why this country is in such troubles, is, because our God is a God of righteousness and he doesn't bless nations, which invade and destroy other people's countries, because to Him we're all the same and the lesson to learn here on earth is, to live in peace and harmony with one another and not spread violence throughout the planet like the US does. They call other terrorists, while they are by far the biggest terrorist of all, always provoking and making wars and making big money from it. America, according to God's law, deserves exactly, what it has done to others, so if it has done good to others, it doesn't have to worry, but it seems, that it worries a lot.😲

  • F Lane says:

    sink the Iranian ship. period.

  • Eddie Berry says:

    take the egressors out plain and smiple !

  • Sakonema says:

    US is acting like pirates on foreign waters. Time to cut some rednecks using nukes.

  • J Flank says:

    Why oh why did the USA ever let Iranians in our country. We all know that was a mistake.

  • J Flank says:

    Thank God we have a President for the American People……
    God Bless Trump… carry on.

  • The Star man says:

    he hehe, funny Iranians, with there funny hats and little boats. thats what happened when u give them 5 billion dollars, from our money. so they could buy those funny boats. blow them at of the water. just one little boat.🚤⛵. and then give him the big one..🐴

  • aries0610 says:

    I support our president Donald Trump……:)

  • Raymond Wockner says:

    a floating turd could sink the Iranian fleet

  • john hempstead says:

    we dont have a whimp for a president now, best look out iran, get your ass blowed off the water.

  • Mighty Boss says:

    Timing was bad for the Iranian Ship. 3 months too late. They could have, and would have intimidated the US if they would have done it under a Democratic

  • Romena Fuentes says:

    These stupid robotic voices again..

  • Anush Samiev says:

    Iran has the right to do that is the U.S. is on their territory. I don't know if it was. If it was, the had the right.

  • nostalga51jo says:!!

  • J S says:

    Use bullets instead of a flare

  • Doctor BeBop says:

    The Greeks defeated the Persians numerous times. Things haven't changed. The Persians are all talk.

  • Joseph Mosesean says:


  • Stephen C says:

    If I was the Captain of the US Destroyer I would of sunk the Iranian ship.

  • DD826 says:

    If that Irian ship wanted a fight? The American ship should have given them one. In Vietnam, we had two patrol boats do that to us, we sunk them both and NEVER turned away.

  • Prakash H K says:

    I advise Iranian leaders to smoke less ganja/ hash and consume less heroin for their own good!

  • Scott Gibson says:

    Threatenning an Arleigh Burke destroyernis a good way to getbdead ifnPresident Trumpletsnthe Navy off its leash.I know some of the guys off those ships,and like nothing better than to send an impudent
    iranian gunboat to the bottom

  • Martin Porubcan says:

    Good man🍻😎

  • Awesome man! says:

    sink those Iranian canoes !!!

  • Arctic Ice says:

    Load the main guns with shit and fire.

  • Koori Sandy says:

    Should of bombed them. USA wants to do this so Russia etc… stay out of it or as Lana says Putin… SHUT UP!

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