BOOM! TRUMP Goes Off on Biased Media During Coast Guard Address

President Donald Trump delivered the commencement address Wednesday at the Coast Guard Academy.

Trump went off on his critics and the biased media!


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24 thoughts on “BOOM! TRUMP Goes Off on Biased Media During Coast Guard Address

  1. Lol it's funny as hell when people are defensive of trump. If you can't tell that the dudes a moron then I feel kinda bad for you. And don't say I'm mad that I lost because Hilary AKA trumps friend is also and idiot and I didn't vote for either of the corrupt morons.

  2. Love or hate him you must admit he can take the BS from the media and continues to fight for what most in the USA want and believe in.

  3. What an insult to the Coast Guard and the cadets. No other politician has been treated so unfairly? Like the last guy? Reagan was shot and he didn't whine about it. Shut the fuck up, you walking brain stem.

  4. You have to love President Trump. Every Trump goes, all he has to do is say something about the media and EVERYONE knows what he is talking about.

  5. treasonous democrats and media are about to find out the hard way how much love and support President Trump has

  6. Poor President Snowflake! The draft dodging wimp can't handle a few words of truth. Just fall on that sword you putin loving traitor.

  7. Trump triggers the Media because Hillary isnt Queen right now. Democrats haven't kept there Russian Conspiracy straight since Day 1. Been over a Year and the whole Russian Bull Shit has been debunked. Hillary blamed Comey before the Russians and now that Comey is gone its a Cover up. Haha Fake News is just Sad News.

  8. It's funny how some people believe anything Ain't Seen Nothing Trump done since he been in office but sign a lot of executive b***** as orders

  9. What a loser. It's always about him. Loves playing the victim when it suits him. Never takes blame. Trump is an awful role model. Officers cannot be guided by his pathetic traits.

  10. I don't believe anything the media reports, and I believe even less that comes from this ass clown! Twitter-in-Chief needs to go!

  11. OMG! He used the commencement platform to complain…… how terrible
    he has been and how terrible the press treated him. No other president
    was a con artist like you. That's why no other president was treated
    worse than you. Dumbo

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