Bodies Of Missing Sailors Found On Stricken Navy Destroyer

Navy divers found the bodies of missing sailors Sunday aboard the stricken USS Fitzgerald that collided with a container ship in the busy sea off Japan, the Navy said.


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14 thoughts on “Bodies Of Missing Sailors Found On Stricken Navy Destroyer

  1. How many people on the container ship survived ?and.. what was the nationality of the captain of the cargo ship ?

  2. This maybe an ISIS from Philippines try to kill the US ship. The 21st Century New Technologies need to buy an Alarm so we can safe out love one. very sorrow for family who lost the love one.

  3. Amazes me how the earth is 70% ocean …. and mfs still crashing ships … somebody do the math plz …what's the odds ?

  4. ,,, now the world can see how the $9.1 billion "US-Aegis Combat System" is useless against a mere slow moving Oil Tanker,
    ,,, That system can't even protect the whole US Aircraft-carriers from one old SU24, what more from a perfect fast and agile fighter SU27.?!:)

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