Blue dogs: street dogs searching for food in river found covered in blue dye – TomoNews

NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA — Street dogs in Northern Mumbai have been spotted with blue fur, and it’s now been revealed the cause a case of corporate carelessness.

A private company has been found responsible for dumping excess waste pollutants from detergent products into the Kasadi River. At least five dogs, as well as a few birds have been seen running around with a smurf-blue tint. The animals are known to search for food near in the water, but what comes with the meal now is the free hair coloring.

It’s not as cute as it looks though, as its been reported that one of the dogs has gone blind as a result of the dye. The poor pooch and the other blue animals are being treated by the local SPCA. The dye should wash off in time, but to keep the blue craze from spreading, The Hindustan Times reports the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has warned the company it will be shut down if its waste protocols are not brought up to health and safety standard within 15 days.

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38 thoughts on “Blue dogs: street dogs searching for food in river found covered in blue dye – TomoNews

  1. Mean while the US is still being shit on for leaving the Paris Climate Accord. Even though India is doing shit like this.

  2. amazing.. destroying the environment should be criminal immediately not oh you have 15 more days to continue doing what youre doing and if you dont stop we might do something. imagine if all criminals were treated like this and not just corporations. hey hey you guy murdering people. you have 15 days to stop killing people and if you dont you might be in some trouble.

  3. Hey people…Tomonews used to make the captions, but it stops since around 2 weeks ago. I asked them to please add the captions, they still don't. They do have the feature. Don't click 'like' here. If you click 'like', you're enabling its hate and discrimination against Deaf people like me. Don't be a loser. Thank you.

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