This young man was Racially profiled by the Old Navy store in West Des Moines, Iowa in Jordan creek. While the man was checking out and paying for other items, he was asked if he will also be paying for the Jacket he was wearing. If you have a video worthy of Shame, submit at


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47 thoughts on “Black Man Racially Profiled at OLD NAVY | ShameArmy

  1. Good job being calm and making them look dumb as hell. I know it may be scary but next time remain cool like you did and refuse to take it off keep recording and have the police come put your hands up talk calm.. and sue for big money state and old navy corporation. And yes i would do this. And no I’m not a black man that’s why i said calmly and hands up. Then get paid because this is fucked up.

  2. This man is a fucking con artist. He came into the store wearing a jacket with the tag still on, that they sell in that store. He knew dam well these people would assume he was stealing because he had the tag on the jacket and took advantage of that to play the race card and falsely victimize himself for the shot at making money off a racial profiling/ discrimination lawsuit. I feel bad for the employee s that got fired they were just trying to do their job and got fucked over by this shit head. This is not racial discrimination this is a RACE HUSTLER taking advantage of his skin tone to victimize himself for profit.

  3. You race baiting babies. Y'all are so quick to throw the race card… I didn't know you could read minds and therefore determine that their actions were race based. Maybe they have a problem with young black men (or maybe all types of people) doing this sort of thing, but actually stealing things in the process. And to all y'all who are egging this race crap on… Stop with the victim mentality. Grow up.

  4. What was the cashier scanning? Why was the tag still on the jacket? Even if this wasn't a set-up on the part of James Conly, you have to admit it's pretty reasonable for the cashier to be suspicious.

  5. To the black guy, why do you still wear the price tag on your jacket? 10 years from now, he's going to brag how he once stole a jacket from Old Navy by using his cellphone and social media. A typical dindumuffin.

  6. Seriously dude? Get the fuck out of Iowa. We were one of the few good places left, quit trying to leave a shitstorm everywhere you go. Seriously, you can tell me to kick rocks all I want, but then you'd probably call me racist for kicking the rocks the wrong direction

  7. This is NOT discrimination he is a fucking moron, He walked in with a jacket he owned having a PRICE TAG STICKING OUT! Anyone would think he hadn't purchased it yet. He is a stupid fucking moron and tried to act like it was surprising when his jacket still had his price tag sticking out. it was his fault he is a scumbag who got 3 innocent people fired.

  8. Omg omg omg this is just mind boggling i cant believe the comments people are really saying this man lied i keep seeing this talk about a price tag even in the video above the guy narrating emphasizes how the guy still has a price tag if yall racist white folk pay real close attention she had no scanner in hand and there is no price tag its the tag on the inside of the coat as you can clearly see in the video and it looks to me like she's punching in numbers this is why i 100% believe racism exists every single last person defending old navy is a flat out racist the story is as real as you or me i guess the media dumb and yall know more i started seeing claims that he lied but i couldn't find any major news oulet saying he lied olny white boys youtube videos yall still mad for what why even go this far to debunk a true story the fact that its true makes you look so dumb and anybody agreeing with you UNSUBSCRIBE …..

  9. I believe every comment that defends old navy saying they were justified by their actions are just as bad as the employees that (WORKED) there and i bet yall white fyi he had no price tag on his jacket if yall would take the time and listen and look instead of being fixated on racism yall would know he had no price tags on his coat this wouldnt even be a story if he did im a proud black man and im smart enough to see racial profiling and i feel a lil better knowing im smarter than most…😂😁

  10. Its sad that, when something like that happend, everyone screams "its racism"… Bitch please… I have the same experience, and i saw same things many times, and no one cried like this one… You should apologize to those three who lost their job, because of you…

  11. Ok i work at old navy and i would be pissed to work with these people! What trash! We have regulars all the time! They wear our clothing! I cant assume they stole it. Even if you did stel it they have ways to prevent theft and its OBVIOUS when someone steals. But this poor man did not steal and oldnavy better pay for it. It just better not come out of my paycheck cuz oldnavys corprate powerhouse is full of cheapskates.

  12. Black guy and old navy employee here. Why was he in the store with a tag on his coat anyway. Any retail employee would have that exact reaction regardless of skin color. I would never make an excuse for racism but I think this guy was trying to make a quick buck. 😕

  13. This guy was race baiting. You're an absolute idiot if you walk into a store with a freaking tag on your jacket. This dude is a joke

  14. The guy wore a jacket with tags on them purposely. Anyone with an IQ higher than 5 can see this. This guy is a scam artist and people are on his side why, because he’s black? Give me a fucking break.

  15. when she said "we dont allow people to video in our stores" she realized what BS that was halfway through her sentence lol

  16. There is absolutely no proof of racial profiling in this video.  But the obvious question, which has not been answered by Old Navy, is what is their policy on an employee's responsibility regarding theft.  Particularly, what is the employee's responsibility when the employee believes someone is wearing stolen merchandise in order to sneak the merchandise out of the store.

  17. What a asshole. Did you really need to setup some department store workers. What to get some fake fame? A big pay Out? No one keeps a tag on a jacket for months.

  18. That was the tag INSIDE the jacket. There is a little white tag inside jackets with a short description of the jacket. Like if it's cotton or how to wash it. Well that tag also has a code on it. That code can be use to search the store's inventory for the item at hand. Employees can use the same code on the inside of the tag to check prices when they don't see a SALES tag on the outside of the product. That was not a SALES tag. Who puts a sales tag INSIDE a jacket like that???

  19. Man I am glad they got fired very unprofessional they better have proof that shop lifting occurred on camera before speaking otherwise they can get sued.Man I like how you kept it together I would have screamed 😠 but that would do no good.God watch over you allways.😇

  20. bullshit! shed your victim mentality and stop assuming that everything that happens to you is race related.

  21. They are clearly TYPING!!!! They just put “scanned” as an accident. There’s a tag on the inside that most clothing have that was being typed. Old navy has no way of checking if it was sold, that tag just shows the price. How you all feel if you went out to shop and an employee at any establishment told you to remove your jacket and then tried to make you pay for it? I’d be pissed too.

  22. “This is ridiculous” you’re right, why would you wear your jacket into the store, WITH THE TAG ON IT.
    Are people seriously believing this garbage?
    This guy filed a lawsuit and got 3 employees fired for doing their jobs.

    What a fucking joke we’re living in. Don’t believe this, he wanted this to happen.

  23. He could walk in fully tagged and they still could have handled him in a smarter way. The arrogance and blatant stupidity shown is why these people got fired. They easily could have spared everyone a headache by giving him the benefit of the doubt as they inspected the jacket and apologized after. EVEN if you want to believe it was a setup they clearly took the bait because…dun dun dun….they're racist. It's not like it was winter or some busy hectic time and they were venting on a customer. It's mid February in an mid west Old Navy lol.

  24. A thing similiar to this happened to me, too, a few years ago. Was in a Jack Wolfskin Store. Told them I already was wearing the jacket when I entered the store and that they can check the security cameras. They checked the cameras, saw that i told them the truth. They apologized and offered me a discount on my next sale for the inconvenience. Why not just chill and clear this situation normally? Why is there a need to instantly interpret a racist background into such stories.

    Oh, also, this video doesnt sum up at all.

  25. no idea how that is racist, such things happen to anyone, including myself. and why is there still a pricetag on the jacket!?

  26. He went into the shop with the jacket on, with the tag still on and they were suspicious he stole it, are you telling me if a white man did the same he could swipe his white privilege card and they’d say ‘oh, we’re mistaken have a nice day sir!’?

  27. Lol he wasent racially profiled. He was wearing a jacket with tags on it. He got 3 people sacked for doing there job!!

  28. Your retarded you walk into the store with the tag still on. You did this on to get a reaction an call it racist, there just doing there jobs making sure no one steals there shit. An of course you sued for "racism", good fucking job youv made blacks look bad, and the employees lost there jobs for doing nothin wrong.

  29. You left the tag on the goddamn jacket. What did you think was going to happen. Its common sense to take tags off stuff before you go back to the store you bought it from. They were making sure you werent stealing because you had the tags on the jacket.

  30. You guys know he's race baiting and using this as a get rich quick scheme, right?
    He's not brave, heroic, nor a victim.

  31. Why does your jacket still have the price tag on it? What exactly are they suppose to think if the jacket has the price tag on it?
    You're a bitch.

  32. Why would u walk into a store with a price tag on clothing from that same store. It's like it was on PURPOSE to get views

  33. In the original video. It says he got jacket for christmas. Its quite a long time after christmas. Question, it also says in original video he had price tag on it, why keep price tag on it months after you got it?


  35. I wish I could see a better story than these videos. I have some serious concerns about this story, and it starts with why did he still have a tag on his coat a month after he got it? To me it seems there is a pretty good chance he went to old navy trying to bait them, allowing him to sue. I think the employees were just trying to do a good job, as they did not actually accuse him of stealing. Seeing the tags, she asked if he would like to pay for that coat as well, which is not a direct accusation, and is what you’re supposed to ask if you think a customer is trying to swipe an item. Yes she should have been sure, but I think she thought that since the tags were on the coat, he was either trying to steal it, or just forgot he was wearing it. Now old navy has fired these employees, who will have an incredibly tough time finding a new job, while this guy cashed out big time. Maybe more facts will remove, but I think we are coming into dangerous water for firing people for something that could have been racially motivated, which people are pretty conscious of nowadays.

  36. what a real piece of shit. he isnt brave. hes taking advantage of the situation to make it seem like the employees are racist when there just doing there job,so he can file a false lawsuit. of course there gonna check the jacket WITH THE TAG STILL ON! they did not deserve to be fired and he should be sued for defamation. Fuck old navy for treating there employees like shit.

  37. why the fuck was there a tag still on it lmao? its like he baited Old navy. Walks into the store with the jacket they are selling with the tag.

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