Better than American Sniper: British Marine has more confirmed kills than Chris Kyle

Unless you’ve been in a coma over the last month, everyone is going bonkers over the movie American Sniper.

It’s a film based on real life sniper Chris Kyle, who racked up 160 kills during his stints in Iraq, an American military record. But hold on, there’s a story about a British Royal Marine who has 173 confirmed kills that has just surfaced on the interwebs in the last few days.

His weapon of choice, a British rifle known as The Silent Assassin. The .338 caliber bullets can hit targets a half mile away easily, and the scope is known to put targets that are over a mile away into sight. The Royal Marine once used this gun and his skill to terminate 90 targets in a day.

Wonder if he has a book deal yet … ?


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13 thoughts on “Better than American Sniper: British Marine has more confirmed kills than Chris Kyle

  1. uk dude only pick off iraqis fleeing the battle..the yank did shoot women and children too and pick of fleeing iraqis also..but the yank got the book deal cause he actually face enemy snipers in iraq..dueling with a enemy sniper way better than counting your kills eh..look at carlos hathcock, he only have 93 kills..but the guy popular in sniper community cause he duel with a few vietnamese snipers and kill them..same thing with zaytsev in ww2, hes legendary duel with a german sniper made him a legend..tell me any british sniper in ww2 or in vietnam that went toe to toe with a enemy sniper..ummmmm, no you can have your longest kill in sniper history and all that shit my british friend..anyways, heard something that the british sniper took like 4 shots to get that long range kill..4 on, ive taken out a mountain goat with only 2 shots at the same range.f'ken brit.

  2. Chris Kyle had 160 CONFIRMED kills, in reality he got about near 100 more kills that were not confirmed, you shouldn't be doing shit like this one upping one of the most greatest hero's in American history, he fought in his country, he saved life's, and nobody gives a shit about, how many kills you get , I would honor a soldier who never fired a weapon during is service as much as I would a navy seal, because they both fight for their country not for most kills fagot


  3. There was a reason why he is called "America's" deadliest sniper and not a British sniper.  Freakin Idiots.  You have your legends, we have ours.  I do think it's awesome the British sniper racked up that many kills.  The numbers do not make one sniper better than the other.  They all serve a special purpose.  I served as one in the USMC.  My numbers were not as high, but I was still good.  It's nothing to boast about.  Semper Fi.

  4. And blanie watch your mouth mate im not here disrespecting american soliders. I live in america and got nothing bt respect for what they do. So calling my fellow englishman a fag is not something u do so some fucking respect bet u. Wouldnt say it to his face and if u gt balls prepare for a good ass whooping 

  5. I dont get this debate on whos better fuck we are fighting the same enemy yes the british guy has more kills so what im british. Its jst upsetting that both of them couldnt shoot and kill more of them its not about whos better. Fuck guys stop being ignorant cunts about it and just be happy we are fighting the same cunts 

  6. Chris Kyle is an American hero for many reasons. He had 160 confirmed kills.. AND the longest shot ever recorded.. And after his tours in Iraq he went on helping people and helped a veteran in which killed him. This British fag may of had 173 kills, but he didn't have the longest one.. which makes Chris Kyle better.. The British guy just had more opportunities to kill his enemy.   

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