Attorney: Old Navy’s handling of alleged discrimination a ‘failure on all levels’

A man says he was racially profiled at Old Navy. Now he’s hired an attorney.
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33 thoughts on “Attorney: Old Navy’s handling of alleged discrimination a ‘failure on all levels’

  1. So this racebaiting piece of s**t went into the store with tags STILL on the jacket he got two months prior and got three people fired and eventually the whole store for doing their jobs. He should be sued for everything thing he will ever have. This guy is scum

  2. The store isnt doing you any favors, they're lucky to have your traffic.. Look, stop supporting them!! Support your own ppl & designers ✔💯.

  3. Is it true this guy went into the store with the label still on a jacket someone had bought him a few months before? And that's why the staff were suspicious? If it's true, the guy was either very stupid or deliberately set-up this law suit. Either way, the staff acted appropriately.

  4. Why do stupid people put themselves in these situations. You know i'm talking about the white people right.

  5. People use your head,This guy went into an Old Navy with a Old Navy jacket with the price tag still on it.The guy did this so he could get his 15 minutes of fame and claim racism. I mean before he even got to the counter he said don't shop at Old Navy there racist.I don't belong on this world too many uneducated snowflakes and sjw's.

  6. KCCI, was the tag still on this man's jacket or not? If it was, is there some reason that this fact wasn't mentioned in your 'reporting'?

  7. This is why i love cameras lol god it's greatest invention 😂 ALWAYS film things when tbese kind of evilness occur.

  8. Then this is how you know that every single white person saying he's lien and he still had the tags on his coat is a racist this video said nothing about him lien or still having the tags on actual they said he did everything right and was justified by his actions this wouldn't even make the news if he still had the tags on they just going off what they heard from other white racist youtubers trying to debunk a true story its real sad how dumb yall look yall didn't listen nor look at the video yall say scan but she has no scanner wat i see when i looked at the video she was punching in numbers from the tag on the inside of the coat so if i have no visible indication on my coat of a price tag why do i have to take it off and prove i bought it already yall real smart people…

  9. They have a product that they want consumers to buy but if you go to the store with any product you purchase from a Old Navy store are you supposed to get harassed that doesn't even make sense all it takes is to look at the neck Part of the jacket and it will show you that is not new but no they need to embarrass him and treat him like he's a criminal I hope he sues them for everything .

  10. 400 years a coming…black people are going to be treated like kings…..white people will worry….pay attention events to come

  11. You know he went on there on perpuse with the tag still on in February, saying he got it for Christmas. And this happens to every one, you have a tag on you are going to get checked. THIS GUY GOT 3 PEOPLES JOB LOSED FOR 15 MIN OF FAME AND YOUR ALL SAYING THIS IS BULLCRAP THIS SHOULDNT EXIST, HOW DARE THEY TRY TO STOP A POSSIBLE THREAT.

  12. Morons it's fake.Most of these are.He went into the place on purpose with a jacket that still had the tag,and played the race card.

  13. That’s so embarrassing idk what I’ll do if someone accused me of stealing they just follow you which is soooo annoying

  14. just stop shopping at old navy. hes lucky this time. but there is time when people like him but actually got charged. put in jail. and there is just nothing u can do about it. so unless u want to go to jail. just shop at walmart or the gap where they have similar items for same price. do not shop at old navy or no one would feel sorry for you if you get put to jail even after you know there is a chance this could happened to you. smart up people

  15. You Americans need to get your leftists out of your country before they destroy it completely…

  16. I've seen the original Facebook post, and it seems funny to me that the only "evidence" of racism in any of the videos is the snapchat comment he himself made on it

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