ARTIC GIANT: First New Russian Navy’s Cutting-Edge Icebreaker Finishes Sea Trials

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A new icebreaker, the Ilya Muromets, built for the Northern Fleet, arrived at its duty station. The crew made its first passage from the Baltic to Kola Bay. The Ilya Muromets is a multifunctional vessel of a new generation. The icebreaker can escort other ships, as well as engage in research and hydrographic work.
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35 thoughts on “ARTIC GIANT: First New Russian Navy’s Cutting-Edge Icebreaker Finishes Sea Trials

  1. When you live in a frozen Wasteland in third world world Russia, and all your ports freeze every year. You need a vessel like this.

  2. Incredible!!!! Fried Piglets! ………………………oh yeah the Icebreaker is badass too!

  3. @RUSSIAN @Russia Insider @RT @Vesti Such things have other countries for a very long time and you only embarrassed you if you constantly show the whole world how much how special it is for you,the same applies to your production halls you don´t have to make a documentary about that you have rubber coated tables -_- something like that is called standart

  4. Where do we go with this, is there an assumption on my part that maybe we'll be seeing conflict in the Arctic?
    In the news January 4th Trump aims to open nearly all federal waters to offshore drilling in biggest lease sale ever
    * The Trump administration announced Thursday a draft proposal to offer offshore blocks to oil and gas drillers in almost all of the U.S. outer continental shelf.
    * The plan opens the door to drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, marking a break with previous administrations.
    * The proposal faces challenges from coastal governors and an uncertain oil price environment that could keep many drillers from bidding for blocks in uncharted territory.
    Tom DiChristopher | @tdichristopher
    Published 1:21 PM ET Thu, 4 Jan 2018 Updated 3:15 PM ET Thu, 4 Jan 2018

  5. Ilya Muromets is the main epic Russian hero and a saint who lived in the 12th century on the territory of ancient Russia (Kievan Rus). His relics are now in the Kiev-Pechora Lavra.

  6. Russia is building innovative Arctic ice breakers, while the US is building a 30 foot tall wall and the Mexicans are building 36 foot ladders and spades.

  7. Russia has the most icebreakers in the world, while US hippies are trying to combat global warming russia is preparing itself to conquer artic and its resources when the ice melts and will conquer even more oil and gas for the future. Slava ROOSSYA 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  8. CNN, BBC and all American media be like "Russians endangered the life of animals" and put 0:31 part as a proof and the whole Americunt vegans goes ape shit and storming the comment section once again.

  9. It's really great for international trade overall to get this new maritime transportation route between Europe and Asia.

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