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ARGENTINA — The search for an Argentine naval submarine that went missing with 44 crew members is being hampered by bad weather, officials said.

The ARA San Juan submarine was returning on a routine mission from the Tierra del Fuego archipelago to its home base in Mar del Plata, CNN reported.

The San Juan was originally scheduled to arrive at port on Sunday. It was last spotted Wednesday in the San Jorge Gulf.

Seven failed satellite calls were detected on Saturday morning, however, the Argentine defense ministry said it could not confirm the attempts came from the ARA San Juan, the Guardian reported.

The San Juan is a 65-meter-long TR-1700 submarine, powered by four diesel and one electric engine, the Argentine military said, according to CNN.

The Argentine navy says the missing sub has enough oxygen, food and water to last for at least two weeks, the BBC reported.

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23 thoughts on “Argentine missing submarine: Search for ARA San Juan hampered by bad weather – TomoNews

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  3. this X navy QM . I now have been DR tracking the sub .. if he is on the surface . I have him by set & drift at 26.14 NM 158.13 degrees south east of his last DR , I now have the sub in the area drifting 158.14 SW at 1/2 .nm PH ………………….. (46 degrees 22' .78 " s ) by (60 degrees  45.23" W )

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