Are Chinese Killer Drone Swarms the Future of War? | China Uncensored

Chinese drones take to the skies in massive, terrifying swarms!

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42 thoughts on “Are Chinese Killer Drone Swarms the Future of War? | China Uncensored

  1. "Tiny helicopter drones!", Sorry Chris, those are fixed wing, more specifically flying wings. Also these "drone swarms" have their vulnerabilities. Probably their biggest being GPS, jam the GPS frequencies and they have no clue where they're at.

  2. Great video. Just a quick question. Who's bomb other countries right now? Keep it up. Look forward to more surprises from your channel.

  3. And like every other piece of Chinese manufacturing, its a poorly made pile of junk. Keep trying China, give it your best shot.

  4. 4 words: high altitude nuclear detonation. It creates an EMP over a large area without causing any fallout or radiation sickness in the population in the affected area.

  5. If you can upload a virus to one it is easily up loaded to others. So if you can make an back door program then with a click of your fingers they are now your drones

  6. 100M Chinese controlling a drone each with a grenade on it, would be a genius war tactic.
    They have all the factorys to build them, and the people to control them.

  7. They could be launched from a sub just off the mainland while carrying a grenade-this would create fear over a populated area with little risk to those in the sub.

  8. Autonomous killer drones are not an ethical question, just an obvious feasibility study. Given the creators of AI, how could it not have a split-second realization to end us?

  9. Also drone swarms DO NOT use ZIGBEE this was earmarked for drone use back in the 2000’s but it has now found use in IOT devices in the home. Military drone swarms are now using DASH7 for real-time radio communications.

  10. This is exactly the opposite of CoD BO2 lol. Where since the US has become so dependent on drones, the enemy hacks them and uses them against them.

  11. there is already hand held weapons that can disable flying drones, i can imagine it can be upscaled and stronger to take out drone swarms from a far distance.. tho they can be quite hard to detect since they are small, can fly low and just appear out of nowhere. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds

  12. These drones cant carry anything of consequence. The one that can carry 400 lbs is not one of these drones. Why even mention the 400 lbs load drone? they cant be produced them in mass like these, making them a shitty version of what America has had for well over a decade. Also America has swarm drones too and it turns out, these things are only good for recon

  13. Listen up china. Use them in shipping containers and use them to attack fuel and logistics terminals. A few missiles in to fuel storage tanks and boom. The damage would set back US fleet deployment and give you the win. Or you can attack aircraft carriers near major ports. All thoes airplanes and bombs sitting arround what could go wrong

  14. The PRC, has not had the best record in engineering and building. But, that does not mean that they will not be able to develop this technology.

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