Are America and India Building an ‘Aircraft Carrier’ Alliance?

America appears ready to provide a significant boost to India’s future aircraft carrier .

According to Indian media reports, the United States and India have entered the final stages of a negotiation for Washington to equip Delhi’s future aircraft carrier with a state-of-the-art electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS). Ahead of President Donald Trump’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi this month, an eleven member U.S. delegation led by Rear Adm. Brian Antonio, the U.S. Navy’s Program Executive Officer for aircraft carriers, met with Indian counterparts in western India from October 29–31. The Indian side was led by Vice Admiral DM Deshpande, Controller Warship Production and Acquisition, the Hindustan Times reported.

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4 thoughts on “Are America and India Building an ‘Aircraft Carrier’ Alliance?

  1. Yes .. Indians are laughing-stock. This is how their vision is… Indian thinks they run NASA too because they believe most NASA 's ,Engineers,Scientists, CEO are Indian.

  2. It will never happen because they can never agree on if it should have toilet or not. Indian insist that they do not need any toilet. They can drop shit in the ocean.



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