Apache Engagement – Unarmed Casualties – Iraq

Collateral Murder – wikileaks

US Apache helicopter engages enemies in Iraq with 30mm cannon, killing & injuring cameramen, journalists & children.


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26 thoughts on “Apache Engagement – Unarmed Casualties – Iraq

  1. those cameras can be mistaken for weapons. going around in the streets whit them like that can cause problems when your watching from drone/apache

  2. Geneva convention; many people were unarmed in this shooting – regardless of if they were near a armed personal or not. This is has broken international law, as those civilians could arguably said, not being used as shields. On a second note, an unarmed civilian was fleeing, yet the persons involved specificly went out of task to eliminate him.

    The men involved should be prosecuted.

    Personal opinion; Nothing happened to the men who fired, as the US military is corrupt and do not care.

  3. @psykoloc14
    During the time of Saddam Hussein's rule, every Iraqi household was entitled to their own AK-47. I should know, I used to carry my father and his father's AK's around all the time when I was a kid.

  4. Until you guys are are in that position yourself keep your mouths shut! Its easy for you idiots to criticize our troops while you're sitting on your rear in your own home!

  5. @ThunderousTurd Hmmm …clearly an rpg. Just like the brit convoy with NATO markings in 2003 was clearly iraqi, and the american apc in the first gulf war war clearly iraqi too.

  6. @centroamericano12 Your a retard, I don't usually respond to trolls but you are a complete idiot. The video name is "Unarmed casualties" two of the people are international journalists and two of the people in the van were children. How do you think this Is justified? Also you asked "why would a bunch of people just bunch up like that?" are you retarded or have you just never been outside? People don't generally just walk around on thier own all the time. Also you put the wrong punctuation :p

  7. why would a bunch of people just bunch up like that for no reason….. I hate people that make vids like this….. we should support our troops u pussy ass bitches talking about those were children those motherfuckers were going to grow up to be in the Taliban anyway…… it doesnt even look like children wat goes around comes around….. remember 911 payback is a bitch and revenge is a best dish served cold!

  8. They had an RPG and you can see that clearly at 0:58! Open your eyes! And what if there were journalists there aswell. If you walk with insurgents you expose yourself to risks of getting shot.

  9. I think I'm going to be sick, are they seriously just shooting anyone for no reason? I hope those helicopter guys are tortured and brutally murdered. I mean, this video says it all, Two international journalists and even children? That is so messed up.

  10. @hardtohart You are an ass. The cameramen broke all the rules and died for it. The pilots took every precaution and followed all rules. Grow up asshole.

  11. The ominous music doesn't detract from the fact that the pilots did nothing improper. The cameramen broke all the rules and died for it. End of story.

  12. I cant wait for the day that they get shot down. This is not call of duty these are real lives and there are consequences when you pull that trigger. There was not even any weapons they just see what they want to see stupid American bastards.

  13. To the pilots. Are you proud of what you done. Have you studied for doing this. Show these images to you parents, children or wives. Visit the children, parents or wives from those you killed. Hope you will feel the pain that you caused to those you murdered the day when your time has come. Your are not playing a video game when you are in your machines. You are causing murder of innocents.

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