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Ok, Americans, this is bad news! Our cover has been blown! All of that hard work our government did, was for naught. The Chinese people know the truth! America is behind the Hong Kong protests. Thanks to Chinese state-run media, the United States has been exposed as the sinister “black hands” and “hostile foreign forces” training students in Hong Kong to protest as part of our insidious plot to interfere with the internal affairs of China by using the Umbrella Revolution!

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What’s Happening in Hong Kong is Not What You Think…

Hostile Foreign Forces Threaten China

Can Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution Make a Difference

Students Attacked, Hong Kong in Chaos

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34 thoughts on “America’s Plot Against Hong Kong | China Uncensored

  1. Western media has been very selective in the images that they broadcast. For example, they show the police pushing the protesters back, but don't show what they did to provoke the police. They used sharpened bamboo sticks to force the police back, and stashes of weapons were found in the Occupy camp. I'm sure that once you shine a torch in an American cop's face he would hit you, if not shoot you on the spot. HK police didn't do that. The incident of 7 police officers assaulting a protester was isolated, and was never condoned by the Police Force.
    I could go on and on about this, but I think you get the picture.

  2. Before I start: I'm not a brainless mainland Chinese propaganda tool. I've got this opinion from observation, not from state media.

    I would say that YOU are a tool of western propaganda. Just because the American plot seems outlandish doesn't mean it isn't true. How would you explain a top Occupy Central leader meeting secretly with someone from the US Embassy on a yacht? And what about a group of Occupy leaders travelling to the US to meet Congressmen? Also, some student leaders, such as Joshua Wong, were offered places at top American universities afterward, even though they clearly weren't of high enough academic calibre. Quite obviously a sweetener.

  3. Who told the Chinese the truth? This was supposed to be a surprise for there next birthday and now it's ruined. I want a confesion and an apology.

  4. Yep, 1989 Tianamen square incident in Beijing was under foreign influence, and 20 years later Hong Kong democratic protest was under US black hands, whenever there's calls to fend off that freedom limiting iron curtain and intoxicating mind bending red culture, that f*ks w/ Chinese spirituality, it's foreign supported.

    Like Chinese people are stupid.

  5. Those 2 tourists in the beginning of the video, are they real Beijing tourists? They don't speak Beijing mandarin. Their "r",s are so awkward. Not fluent like typical Beijingers.

  6. Just don't think that at some point the US couldn't be supporting any movement that would weaken China's hegemony in Asia. That's how the empires behave when they feel their power being threaten by another one.

  7. Hi, Chris, love your videos. two questions. There were many The Governor of Hong Kong, anyone of them was ever elected by people in Hongkong ? dobule standard?

  8. protests gets always manipulated, and the occupy started with wallstreet so they get at least the idea from there, of how to organise, which places to use for gathering and what bring with you, this cannot be denied.

    even when these are just means of young people to express their feelings and altitude towards the state of things around them, it gave the political credit to us politicians on either the home front or abroad by symphatising with them.

    i was reading and briefly watched the hong kong occupy movement back then, and i thought myself how dangerous that really was, because everything except the direct control and organisation of us defectors and ops on site pointed out at foreign abroad influence with the first occupy starting in the us at the bull statue suggested it was us subversion.

    i think mainland cut them loose and let is slide enough, because potential outcome for commies if they would take an action would be double win win. Even with this propaganda they have, people would have easilly fallen and even thought themselves it was foreign influence.

    but i think that USA was quite on the opposite watching closely so those students can express themselves in piece and order, which we all saw i think and wont get slaughtered by commies pla.

    something happened over there because commies couldve wiped out two main problems from the society by one blow and didnt do it, kill and imprison the rebels and by foreing influence driven subverters of commie system plus further demonizing the usa.

    commies knew this and they wouldve done it, hands down, its the kind of savagery they do and love, but what stopped them back there, was a miracle or someones good job and negotiation. so,thanks …

  9. ¥€£π™©¢¥^®€¥℅ that's Chinese for "We eat dog, because we like stuff" honestly I don't know why they said that but I do know it has nuthin to do with this video but, everything to do with the bull shit in China.

  10. i did hear that the USA did support HK people on protesting for Independents from China so is Taiwan so China is crying and spreading lies that the USA is behind of it then the HK people protesting for their freedom

  11. Only the delusional Chinese communist party didn't see some sort of unrest in Hong Kong coming once it left British governance. You try telling a capitalist culture that all his/her hard work will only benefit the government and not them.

  12. Do you have any idea how the ccp could ignore your ironic tone and edit your videos then use them as admissions of guilt?

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