America Has Big Plans to Defend Itself from Nuclear ICBMs (Think North Korea)

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2 thoughts on “America Has Big Plans to Defend Itself from Nuclear ICBMs (Think North Korea)

  1. US corp. criminal govt. evil cabals they can bully… but cannot attack …. cause NK can bite back… who knows maybe if they take out NY city its not worth to do that… NK know what did US to Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia and other 3rd world countries…
    cabals want WW3 to reduce 90% population… bulling and destroy other countries the evil cabals business as usual…

  2. people are so dumb.. FBI director Comey is not the leaker being the deep
    state operative that he is and being that he was already fired whats
    the best thing he can do for the cause??? lie and say he was the leaker
    to keep the true leakers protected and off the radar of the Trump
    Administration..The deep state is getting better in their ways of
    concealing the true war that is going on and that's the war for TRUTH

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