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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA — Amazon is working on a pocket-sized drone that could revolutionize police work, help firefighters tackle blazes, and even find your lost car.

The tech giant was granted a U.S. patent on Tuesday for a miniature drone that would be fitted with microphones and a camera, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The drone would respond to voice commands, and has several potential functions. It could be used to find a missing child through face recognition, an RFID tag, or barcode on the child’s clothing.

Amazon also imagines the pocket-sized drones may help the police catch suspects. It could hover above traffic stops to record interactions between officers and citizens.

Firefighters could also use the drones to identify people trapped in burning buildings, or equip the devices with thermal imaging cameras to locate fire “hot spots”.

The technology may be used in search and rescue missions, for example, to find a downed airliner.

Civilian uses include finding your car when you forget where you parked, or simply filming cool stuff like a GoPro.

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27 thoughts on “Amazon patents pocket-sized voice-controlled drone that perches on your shoulder – TomoNews

  1. I am loving this idea. Now we just have to give it more intelligence and we'd have a miniature camera bot with attitude.

  2. Neat concept all though there are some problems building a craft this small will need a lot of sophistication it has no human passive input for flight on orders and it's small this leads to issues with hardware while it has been done in the black hornet nano MAV used by the brits even that's limited with flight time adding more rotors could only lead to more issues since at least this UAS will be a tricopter and getting a reliable battery that small will be a problem it will need a charging station and a high quality battery and balance charger getting small and good enough stabilization and props sounds pie in the sky to me

  3. That sounds like one complicated drone there gonna make. Equipped to do so many things. Until ordinary citizen see it flying about and then knock it out of the air and breaking.

    I bet there gonna start arresting ppl so often when these Amazon drone take flight

  4. sounds very cool until john doe the friendly neighborhood pedo sends the drone right outside your daughters room window

  5. There's lots of potential for this technology, but we must also realize it's grave consequences; particularly the right to privacy of Americans in their own homes.

  6. holy shit! sign me up now; says the average customer. Actually that's pretty fucking awesome, just if it's used by law enforcement, needs to be regulated and monitored by supervisors and there has to be a countermeasure in case someone were to I don't know, spy on someone else

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