F-35 is the most lethal, survivable and connected fighter aircraft ever built. More than a fighter jet, the F-35’s ability to collect, analyze and share data is a powerful force multiplier enhancing all airborne, surface and ground-based assets in the battlespace and enabling men and women in uniform to execute their mission and come home safe.

The Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday passed its version of the $716 billion National Defense Authorization Act with language that directs the Pentagon to submit a plan to Congress to remove the NATO ally from participation in the F-35 program.

“According to agreement, everybody has a mission and we expect everyone to fulfill these missions,” said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy, Ahval reports. “Such steps are breach of the spirit of our alliance with the U.S. As our minister stated, if such steps are taken, we will have no other choice but to respond accordingly.”

Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlüt Cavuşoğlu said earlier this month the country would retaliate, after the House version of the NDAA was unveiled. That bill contains a broader prohibition on any foreign military sales to Turkey until the Pentagon reports to Congress on the impact of U.S.-Turkey tensions.


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38 thoughts on “Alert: Turkey Threatens Retaliation if New Bill Stops F-35 Sale

  1. FUCK USA GOVERNMENT you support communist terrorist (YPG) you are a traitor! I'm French and Turk and I want SU-57 for Turkish army 󾓧🇹🇷💘
    FUCK USA GOVERNMENT sionist slave

  2. American policies are distorting relations with Turkey
    .America is about to lose its strong ally
    .The US supports terrorist organizations pkk-ypg-pyd. US must end this error

  3. look at these comments ..kick turkey oout of nato, do that do this ..who are you ? high school kids? Its more clear now how trump became president ..with these idiots its so normal ..

  4. the only two faced bastards are you Europeans and americans oh yes all Christians lets hope you don't sell f35 to Greece because they bought the s300 from Russia throw them out of NATO call them two faced  but none of you hollier than thou won't because they are Christian and yes men to America like you all are and that's why you are all fucked up the ars by the americans and jews

  5. zionist govermant is worthless, and useless yet everything is okay with Greece purchasing S-300 but not the Muslim countries. if I were Türkey I will shut downs all braces and ask for refund the investment and the deposit back. turkey is not dependable but who is, the good old USA? give me a damn brake will you.

  6. GrandBingwit – I am asking to all of you. Who created ISIS ? Who created taliban? We are not idiot. Few days ago, An American commander announced that "we killed alot of civilians in Iraqi and syria but I can not give total numbers. Because we dont know how much". Pardon GrandBing are you talking about people's civil rights?

  7. Turkey is no longer a secular allied state that can be trusted … the are now authoritarian and in Putin’s sphere of influence … time to cut them loose …. ergodon is a bad actor and cannot be trusted …. wake up America ….

  8. The only reason Turkey would get both F-35 AND S-400 is to see how the S-400 performance against the F-35 could be improved.
    Seems to me that Turkey has changed sides, and is keeping that fact secret.

  9. congress ruled by men loves zionists money.
    u.s. is no more free.
    economy, politicians, and army is serving israel now.

  10. If not for all the other good reasons,we should not sell F35s to Turkey for threatening retaliation if we dont sell to them! We all know that Turkey is going to join forces with Russia and Iran before long if they hvnt already. I dont know how good the F35 really is,but giving them to Turkey is just the same as delivering them right into enemy hands for them to study how to take them down and for the enemy to procure our technologies to use against us.

  11. Why so much noise is made over Turkish acquisition of S 400 ? Greece and Cyprus acquired S 300 and no noise. ? What is that ?

  12. I really wish Turkey to be out of NATO and then I will see how Iran, Turkey and Russia kicks America's ass in Middle East. You guys will understand importance of Turkey only after that.

  13. Kick Turkey out of NATO now! we don't need them!It is time to remove our equipment from turkey, and to hell with them. We can trust the peaceful Kurds, just build a base there in Iraq.Kick Islamic republic of Turkey out of NATO.

  14. They are called "Turkey" for a reason! They are in no position to threaten anyone. The thought is laughable…..

  15. Buying F-35 is like buying an iphone and not being able to install apps. Totally unaccaptable. I want Turkey out of this deal.

  16. Turkey is not dumb,Turkey is well aware America placed a secret arms embargo on Turkey when the US refused to sell drones and patriot missiles to Turkey.

  17. AN apartheid Israeli state a non NATO country is the first to get the F35 yet Turkey which is a NATO member and a participant in the F35 project is not allowed to have F35 fighters?It's fare to say NATO is a dead and toothless organization.

  18. FYI fucknuts NATO being started by USA and Britain may kick out whomever they wish. The E. U. On the other hand is a different story.

  19. I hope the west is waking up here. Turkey has no place in NATO. I have a cousin, CEO, of a foreign defense contractor (NATO member)….all sales to Turkey already need pentagon approval, and some tech is already denied Turkey. So surprised they are even considered for contributing in the F-35. There must be a world of difference between F-22 and F-35.
    The violation of free press and the systematic undermining of human rights demands that the West reevaluate its relationship with Turkey. Turkey should not be in NATO nor should it be admitted to the EU.

  20. The real problem is Erdogan,he hate western values,attacked American backed rebels in Syria,cozy up with Mullah in Iran and plan to do in Turkey like Ayatollah did in Iran,better not to give him F-35 if he buys S-400 because F-35 sensitive and classified information will be shared with tyrannic regimes in Beijing and Moscow,much worse than F-14 and it's sensitive and classified information fell to wrong hands at the end of 1970s,better sell it to Canada or more to Australia since both countries have been allies to the United States for very long time.

  21. If we say bye to f-35 we will say hello to SU-57 and you will say bye bye yo INCIRLIK BASE
    at the end you will lose more than us

  22. Modern ISLAMIST Turkey is an heir to the Muslim Ottoman Turkish Empire, which is responsible for the deaths of about 100 MILLION people between 1300 and 1923. Most of the victims have been Christians (especially Armenians, Greeks, and Bulgarians), but there have been some non-Christian victims, too (mostly Kurds).Today, the ISLAMIST leaders of Turkey are working hard to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, and many Turks have joined the terrorist organizations ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
    Islamic turkey are laying there hands on one of the world most Advanced fighter jet.!!!!!!!I have felt for a long time that Turkey should not be part of the F-35 program. This has been since I became aware of the F-35 and that Turkey was a partner. Turkey is not in any way a democracy as are other nations that are part of the F-35 program.

  23. Is this Turkish F-35 inclusion an Obama left over bs decision? Do we need to fix this just like the Obama/Kerry/Hillary Iranian idiotic fiasco nuke deal?

  24. The promises of Islam strangles like a curse. The Quran thru verse and chapter birthing something worse. With the sanctimonious ritual of jihad Islam glorifies it's dead. By sword fire beheading brutality and a Kalashnikov assault rifle the peace of Islam is spread.

  25. Turkey can buy to SU57s we can buy empty SU57s and we can load to own softwares, own systems and own missiles in SU57s If we will buy to F35s this will be dangerous because United States will not give to fly codes we will not load to own softwares and we cant use to our national missiles in this jet

  26. Thnx to america . Lets watch the f35 program price rising like a rocket and the 2-3 year more late delivery… lets watch turkey to buy russian su-57 and russia to earn tens of bil.$ thnx to america again…

  27. Dont trust the news like this. 3 senators TRY to block it cuz of the politics of syria. but they cant.
    Turkey is one of the creators of the F35 and not a customer. Are 2 big differences.
    If turkey is kicked out then the whole project will stop. Turkey produces the whole hull of the jet. They produce missiles for the F35 that has been specially made for this jet. (cruise missiles named SOMJ) Search it you can find it on lockheed martin official youtube channel.
    And now some of them think yes then America produces that hull. That is not so easy. They have already invested too much money in F35. The ideas of the hull are from the Turkish experts that they carefully produce. what lockhead does is testing. Lockhead will never choose to produce that entire hull itself because it costs them more MONEY and YEARS!
    The maintenance of the entire F35s is done by turkey and australia. Everything has been done and planned in the year 2002. they have been working on that fighter jet for 16 years. Do not think that that is going to kick someone out of the project very easily. there are a total of 9 countries participating in the project. And every country invests the same on the plane
    the tasks are divided among the partners of F35. each has its own task. If 1 country stops producing what they have to produce, then the whole project ceases.

    Turkey get the fighters in Juny.
    De pilots are arrived in the US for the trainingschedule. flight/control lessons of the F35..

    This story was invented by the Europeans. They want to use it as propaganda material against erdogan. After all, there will be an election in Turkey about 1 month and you of course know what Europeans think about erdogan. They want to brainwash the Turkish people with such news that they no longer let him come to power. Just like what they did at all other elections. But the Turkish people are very smart. They now the tricks of the europeans.

    Salute from Germany to Turkey.. 🇩🇪🇹🇷

  28. Thnx to america . Lets watch the f35 program price rising like a rocket and the 2-3 year more late delivery… lets watch turkey to buy russian su-57 and russia to earn tens of bil.$ thnx to america again…

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