AH-64 Apache alveja lider talibã com míssil Hellfire

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Uma equipe de vigilância com dirigível PGSS, descobre um grupo talibã preparando um IED (Dispositivo Explosivo Improvisado) e aciona um Helicóptero Apache que localiza o chefe e pulveriza-o com míssil Hellfire.


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41 thoughts on “AH-64 Apache alveja lider talibã com míssil Hellfire

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  2. motherfuckers you know how much it costs for that hellfire missile??? You couldnt have a sniper take him out?? nvm I dont vote or pay taxes lol

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  5. Quem tá fazendo terrorismo? Quem tá retaliando? Sugestão de leitura: Deus é inocente. A imprensa não. Livro do Carlos Dornelles

  6. Interesting to see a true-color video of this kind of stuff. I wish they would also provide normal camera footage of these engagements from the air. The thermal cameras are so impersonal; makes them look like little targets, which of course they are.

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