Aerial video of HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Portsmouth- BBC News

Footage from the BBC News helicopter shows the moment the 65,000-tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth entered Portsmouth Harbour.

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40 thoughts on “Aerial video of HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Portsmouth- BBC News

  1. £3 billion is not a bad price when considering the size and technologies involved!. After all, HMS Queen Elizabeth is 30,000 tons heavier than INS Vikrant, so i think it's no more expensive than her!. I could also ask why India needs aircraft carriers; your surrounding countries ( China, Pakistan, Afghanistan), could be a potential threat, but your land based aircraft should be more than capable of dealing with those!. If anything, Britain has more needs for aircraft carriers than India, because we are an island based nation, and still have a few dependent country's abroad (The Falkland Islands, Sierra Leone, to name but two), that still rely on the UK military at times.

  2. Oh so BBC you are not disabling comment on this video like you are on anything involving islamic terrorist attacks. Why is that, such comments don't suit your left agenda? You and the Australian ABC, no other news sources are doing this, an obviously common agenda involving two public broadcasters.

  3. Hahaha a £3billion floating coffin, why do brits think they are still of relevance? China, India, Russia are the future; not little britain.

  4. not having a CATOBAR is probable gonna be the QE's biggest flaw. they're banking way too much on the success of the F-35B; and without them, the only thing the QE will have left to work with are a few obsolete Harrier Jump Jets.

  5. I am wondering how long it will take for the BBC to blame Trump for these beautiful looking carriers delay in receiving aircraft.   My wife says they will blame Brexit first, but my moneys on Trump being blamed.

  6. The magic money tree strikes again! And this time it really is a waste of money for an island that wouldn't last 5 minutes in a global conflict. Is this another project we can afford alongside the unaffordable ones like the NHS, nationalised rail and university fees.

  7. Another waste of money building this shit. Thing can't even luanch it's own jets, order lightnings from the USA to use and they have been recalled a few times already cos they are shit also.

  8. Aircraft carriers are good for threatening or invading small defenceless nations, but against an opponent like Russia or China these things wouldn't last 5 minutes.  Complete waste of money, just like it's namesake.

  9. oooooh always wannna work on flight deck, shame they always put flight decks on boats, because im not a fan of boats lol

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