Admiral, 8 other officers indicted in Navy bribery case

National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon


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45 thoughts on “Admiral, 8 other officers indicted in Navy bribery case

  1. And ALL these $2,000 cigars, fancy hotels and prostitutes paid by whom??? The American tax payers. Of course.

  2. DID the defile Macarthur's pipe- OMG- shoving that thing up a woman's ass and making her swim underwater like she has a periscope.

  3. Who would have thought all those Sailors would pickup whores, get drunk and have wild parties…. Everybody knows the United States Sailors don't need ships. They can walk on water. As they are pure a snow…..

    Classified information. Our ship is docked in your port. Don't tell anybody…..

  4. These officers should have followed in Hillary's footprints and started a foundation for foreign donations and give speeches for $400,00 each to the financial elite. Legalized bribes and donations are the way to go, no jail time.

  5. Douglas MacArthur's sex toy memorabilia? Kind of gives you a better perspective on WW2. The Phillippines just went from one exploiter to another.

  6. so why the hell hasn't Hillary Clinton been charged yet? if we are really so concerned about the security of this nation they all should be fucking indicted

  7. No doubt the liberals and Democrats can blame President Trump for this. No doubt Russians involved. Nothing to do with Obama or the Democrats.

  8. My sources, including some high ranking Navy officials and Democrats tell me the Russians were behind this and Obama was involved.

  9. Breaking: New treatment for Libertudia a genetically induced disease.Treatments to be taken daily for 20 years,the teatments include Reverse Mentality,Reverse Self Loathing,Reverse Self Pitying and Reverse Anti Trump.

  10. HANG THEM ALL!!!  Empty all of their bank accounts.  Give the money back to the taxpayers.  Then piss on their ashes.

  11. this would all be swept under the rug if they would of stuck to their normal protocol of very cheap hooker skanks and cheap hotel rooms.

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