A bigger nuclear submarine is coming

A bigger nuclear submarine is coming

India’s second strategic nuclear submarine Aridhaman is just a few weeks from sea launch. But raising ambitions for the Navy’s capability, there are plans to build a bigger and more potent version of the indigenous nuclear submarine in the immediate future, say sources.

That leap for India’s ballistic nuclear submarine capabilities would come with the fourth submarine planned in the same class, named S4-Star. It would have a stronger weapons configuration integrated into an extra compartment that would be added to Arihant’s original design.

Written by Dinakar Peri & Josy Joseph
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One thought on “A bigger nuclear submarine is coming

  1. As said in the video, India nuclear submarine project started in 1980s, almost 40 years now, how many built (include this one) 2. China's nuclear submarine project ,China's first ballistic missile submarine, Type 092 submarine (Xia-class), was laid down in 1978, launched in 1981 and commissioned by 1983. only 3 years. built 5, 3 retired already.

    The PLAN currently operates two classes of ballistic missile submarines,
    total 16 nuclear submarine and more to come.

    Type 096 submarine (NATO designation Tang-class) – In development.
    Type 094 submarine (NATO designation Jin-class) – 4 in active service. 1 more to be commissioned.
    Type 092 submarine (NATO designation Xia-class) – 1in service
    total: 6 in service

    Type 095 submarine (NATO designation unknown) – 1 completed to enter service. Unknown number planned.
    Type 093 submarine (NATO designation Shang-class) – 2 in active service. 4 more to enter service.
    Type 091 submarine (NATO designation Han-class) – 3 in active service.
    total: 10

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