8-25-2017 Rockport, Tx Hurricane Harvey destruction and aftermath p3

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Flooding, total destruction. Massive boat storage destroyed, homes flattened, surge, flooding, catastrophe.


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46 thoughts on “8-25-2017 Rockport, Tx Hurricane Harvey destruction and aftermath p3

  1. Is this representative of most places in Rockport? I am trying to find out the condition of a small buddhist temple located at 1510 16TH ST in Rockport.

  2. It's the hardworking family's which lost everything that makes this so horrific. A pile of boats in dry storage elicits zero sympathy nor empathy.

  3. I would like to help america by buying one mercruiser MCMD254 Turbo AC marine engine… if there is any good engine of effected boat.. let me know.. i will buy and help..

  4. So sorry for your loss. I pray God will bless you Heather. How can people help? I had several family members who lost everything in Katrina, so my heart goes out to you.

  5. Are you guys on a boat or some vehicle that can tread water? The videos are cool but if you're just driving into more than four inches of water I really hope you don't find out that Darwinism exists soon. I feel for anyone effected by this storm. Hopefully most headed evacuation warnings and are safe. Mother nature is devastatingly beautiful.

  6. Concern for RVs in what looks like an RV park – NOT A SALES CENTER. Are those people okay? I would have thought, with that many, they would have driven their RVs out of there and relocated further west? Please up date if possible – is it an RV park or sales lot? Where are those people?

  7. When I
    saw they built that boat storage @ Cove Harbor that tall, … I knew when I saw it … that when the right hurricane came along – it wouldn't last long .. and it didn't 😉

  8. I'm a truck driver I'm in Fredrick Va right now at FEMA along with about 50 other trucks bringing water and food. Please pray we all have safe trip. Our stopping point is in Seguin Texas. More trucks are coming here to pick up from FEMA I had no clue it was as serious as it is.

  9. I was watching some videos on other storm chaser channel some dumb chick had the audacity to say the storm was a bjgfat nothing burger. I asked her if she could get to eyewall landing and live stream for us. No reply yet. Hate when people make light of this stuff.

  10. I heard a lot of people said they were staying! Thank God you were smart and left. Thinks theres going to be a bad toll from this town if they stayed.

  11. If anyone happens to go towards aransas pass on old 35 on 12th street across from coharver there are homes visible from old 35 if someone is out there and can take pictures or videos of the homes in the back of 12th right after house on stilts. Please! This is my mothers home….we need to know. Thank you

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