7 sailors remain missing off the coast of Japan after Navy destroyer collides with a tanker

U.S. and Japanese ships and aircrafts are conducting search-and-rescue missions.


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29 thoughts on “7 sailors remain missing off the coast of Japan after Navy destroyer collides with a tanker

  1. Im not certain but isnt the height damage height on the destroyer at 35 ft and the transport damage at 50 ft? Must've been a bumpy night, how would the crew not be alert?

  2. The captains and radar operators of both ships were probably too busy watching anime to pay attention to reality.

  3. They died defending Freedom and Stamping out Terrorism, so those cave dwellers in Afghanistan will never carry out another 911 on America and knock down 3 towers with just 2 airplanes.

  4. WTH!!! There's no excuse for this, its the US Navy!!! Quit with goddamn busy waterway bullshit, and it was night time, makes the navy look even more stupid… WTF!!!

    How are they gonna shoot down N Korean missiles if they can't even navigate peaceful waters!!!!!?

  5. According to the rules of the road at sea, seems like the container ship have the right of way since it crossed on the starboard side of the DDG, but I am sure that there will be some further investigation that may give us the whole story

  6. heads need to roll on this one,lucky we werent at war,hold ship could been destroy,billion of of dollars of high tech,cant see a ship coming your way ,plus people hurt and kill,thie goes way beyond common sence

  7. People who don't understand how the navy works is blaming the captain. It happened at 2:30 in the morning they have these things called watch rotations normally 5 hours. The captain isn't always up on the bridge when he is he is in charge when he isnt it is the OOD officer of the deck the JOOD, safety observer and the helmsman who are overall in charge and navigation of the ship. Yes in a situation like this the OOD should have woken the capt up but the capt was stuck in his room because where the ship collided

  8. The ship is trying to defend Japan when it cannot even defend itself…
    what a freaking joke !
    Only a white man can say this with a straight face !

  9. This was on purpose there must of been some cargo on that ship the US wanted to remove. Your telling me that two ships collided in the middle of the sea?! At a few MPH. No I'm not having that no ones that stupid especially in the Navy

  10. First it was a tanker, and now it's a container ship – these moronic news people need to correlate their 'facts' !

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