7 sailors missing after Navy destroyer crash

Destroyer collided with merchant ship near Japan


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23 thoughts on “7 sailors missing after Navy destroyer crash

  1. Put the Captain in LEAVENWORTH PRISON! You stupid asshole. Seems he did a U turn into the other ship. What a dick head.

  2. It was American built. A foreign freighter takes out one of our toughest ships, and drives away barely dented? The quality of American built products should be what Fox News should be talking about. No wonder why Trump doesn't trust Americans to make his stuff, and gives those jobs to quality China.

  3. Sophisticated US navy? What happened to radar? You can't miss a Container Ship, which they didn't. They must of all been asleep. The container ship was in stealth mode, so much for the modern equipment. A whole fucking Ocean and you have to hit one large Container Ship in the vicinity, brilliant.

  4. North Korea ?? attack that ship.there is no way in hell a cargo ship caused that small damage.A cargo ship would have split that navy ship in half.They painted around the missile blast gray !!!the reason it hard to see the blast mark is they patched and painted that ship gray to hide the fact the North Attack American

  5. Ship collisions usually happen at night when one ship is moving full speed ahead without evasive maneuvers. Sailor(s) is/are probably sleeping in his/their duty.

  6. I collide all the time with other ships, what I like to do best is find a fishing boat off the Somolian coast and I ram her with my ship and watch them Muslim all splashing around in the water praying for Allah LOL !

  7. I was involved in a collision at sea, no one was hurt thankfully but I was close to the point of impact. I pray that they find the missing men.

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