20151027 – Game Changers – Undersea Warfare (ID: 104095)

Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces


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5 thoughts on “20151027 – Game Changers – Undersea Warfare (ID: 104095)

  1. Any attempt to remove the mine will cause it to go off(dry dock any1,how to u like them apples). Or u come to the reality that your high dollar sub is NOW as easy to track as an old school fishing trawler.

  2. wasting time tracking & following cold war style, & not remotely place a mine or mines under the subs & ships is a cold war joke. This remote mine could b turned on as a locator beacon if a lesser responds is needed. U hve been mined hve a nice day(see u later & they stop trailing & shadowing r fleet).

  3. So 20mil will turn n2 100 mil after gov & contactors get theirs. The idea is a dirt cheap down & dirt sub boat n the mode of old WW2 torpedo boats(huge bang for the buck, & ability to hve seal team kill a bill$ vessel while it is at the dock & refueling. 50' -100ft depth of operation.

  4. If it ends up a 7man crew is as small as we can make it go, then that is ok. On a seal insertion, hving drone option  to drive n & back means even if none of the seals where baby sub certified they could still go n. Say it starts out a 2 week mission, but ends up a 1 month mission, the baby sub/drone will still b there as way out option 1 hidden below until needed.  This thing will b bare bones, scope, sonar, radar at the surface, & surface communications+ snorkel mode. Cheap, small, flexible, w/long endurance thanks to tiny crew. It has to b 25 knots or it could not catch up w/ fleet, or ride home. 4month endurance ppl time is target. Most of the time the crew & resupply would change out & top off once a month. Hving a way to sub patrol the foes coast n close & quite is great feature. U r not risking 1billion $ boat, just 20 mil $ boat.

  5. I think we hve hit the limits of maned flight & subs, but not drones. To me even w/60 yrs lead time n sub force, the rest of the world has closed the gap n both these areas. New countermeasures & more dominant helos has weakened the subs power rating to me by 2 pnts. The greatest limit to a subs force is the endurance because of the crew. Drones completely eliminate this problem. Surface Sea power is where it is at for me, in terms of new advances & increasing flex ability, value for punch $. U don't hve to worry about some1 over powering a nuke crew like a boat, but drones r vulnerable to total loss or worse being taken over. Unlike #s that can increase a surface fleets combined def, it doesn't work that way below. Just the opposite, 2 kills for 1 find instead of 1. Still I would build 5 missile boats b4 I would build a hyper bomber. The technology is proven, can b used as nuke deterrent & conventional. Technology is not going to eclipse your new toy like a hyper bomber can/has & will more so going forward. W/r vast foot print, time to target is still pretty good, just not hyper fast.  NOW if the hyper bomber could go up/stay up for long endurance missions & then pour on the coal to engage ballistic missiles as well as bomb any where fast then I could get behind it(new capability we don't hve mach5-7+long endurance baby slow sub sonic w/directed laser & 10k ish lbs payload). We could go smaller w/ r sub fleet w/ulta quiet diesels 5 man crew & space for 5man seal temp team/+drone option to save the boat if the worst happens. The smaller the crew the more endurance & cheaper cost. 4 torpedoes total. The ultra small size would make it Marine carrier capable. This greatly increases its range & endurance, + puts it to work where & when we need it(new capability).

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