U.S. Marines from 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division participate in assault support tactics 3 during Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course (WTI) 2-15 in Yuma, Ariz., April 18, 2015. WTI is a seven week event hosted by Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One (MAWTS-1) cadre. MAWTS-1 provides standardized tactical training and certification of unit instructor qualifications to support Marine Aviation Training and Readiness and assists in developing and employing aviation weapons and tactics. (U.S. Marine Corps motion imagery by Sgt. Daniel D. Kujanpaa/Released).


This work, Assault Support Tactics 3, by Sgt Daniel Kujanpaa, identified by DVIDS, is free of known copyright restrictions under U.S. copyright law.


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40 thoughts on “1st Marine Division participate in assault support tactics

  1. This isn't Jade Helm. It's an exercise called WTI and it has nothing to do with Jade Helm or herding US citizens into FEMA camps. WTI happens every year for almost 30 years now.

  2. Its all about YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO and WALMARTS as SHEALTERS!,ASH AND NO WATER AND FOOD PANIC MARTIAL LAW!!!.dummys……………….in the FALL OF 2016 this will happen!.USA will become the first CASHLESS SOCIETY< after this disaster.

  3. Also, for those who say " our boys " wouldn't fire on their own, should familiarize themselves with the event of the Tienanmen
    Square protests of 1989. Regular troops were ordered to fire upon the protesters, and refused. That's when they brought in the troops from the more rural areas of China and told them, that they were traitors, that they would be shooting at. And you know how the rest of it ended.

  4. Because we are training in urban areas we are getting prepared for martial law? That's just idiotic. It may or may not be the start of martial law, we have no knowledge of what's going on here. Why act like you think you know? It's possible this is just training for a rising situation that could put us in urban warfare. Like when Russia and China invade, maybe?

  5. this type of stuff used to freak me out but keep in mind the context of the situation. when there is a collapse and the average citizen is not armed or prepared they will be running amok hungry and thirsty and going after anyone with resources. so when they come to your house you might be thanking a marine that saved you from a mob of hungry thirsty people including criminals. people resorted to cannibalism during Ukrainian famine, and people do desperate things when they are hungry.

  6. Why do i even look at the comments you are all idiots… everyone with a belt on is in on the training an isn't really being tackled down for trespassing some of these comments are just beyond retarded

  7. The Globalists will inform us mid-Sept. 2015 that there is a meteor/asteroid approaching USA & they must use Nuclear Weapons to minimize damage. Yet the asteroid/meteor story is a complete lie! Nuclear weapons will trigger a massive tsunami on the East and West Coast, which will be 100% man made. The event is a False Flag to usher in Martial Law.

  8. Jade Helm 15: Asymmetric Warfare.

    Asymmetric warfare (or Asymmetric engagement) is war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, 
    or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly. This is typically a war between a standing, professional army and an insurgency 
    or resistance movement.

    Asymmetric warfare can describe a conflict in which the resources of two belligerents differ in essence and in the struggle, 
    interact and attempt to exploit each other's characteristic weaknesses. Such struggles often involve strategies and tactics of 
    unconventional warfare, the weaker combatants attempting to use strategy to offset deficiencies in quantity or quality.
    [1] Such strategies may not necessarily be militarized.[2] This is in contrast to symmetric warfare, where two powers have similar 
    military power and resources and rely on tactics that are similar overall, differing only in details and execution.

    The term is also frequently used to describe what is also called "guerrilla warfare", "insurgency", "terrorism", "counterinsurgency", 
    and "counterterrorism", essentially violent conflict between a formal military and an informal, less equipped and supported, undermanned but resilient opponent.

  9. About 2 minutes and 40 seconds or so why are they practicing food and water request from people like its a bad thing? And if this is just practice and being treated like that imagine when its not practice and how much worse we'll be treated when we are bagging for food and water

  10. I don't see a problem it looks their training for an EMP event. If a blackout lasted for a month it would be a mass extinction event, we would need a military presence big time.

  11. Funny thing is there's no civilians even involved here it's all military guys but none the less disconcerting at the least.

  12. this isnt jade helm.  this is WTI.  this is a mass casuality drill where the city of yuma and the marine corps train together in case a disaster happens.  its been going on for years. for over a decade.  THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JADE HELM!  i live in yuma btw.

  13. So the training for the next war includes…keeping people out who are screaming and begging for water?  Sounds ominous.  I'd like to know what the government knows about the next war.

  14. For all the doom-sayers this is a training event that has been put on in the Yuma region for the last 36 years. Calm down this isn't Jade Helm. There's a reason they keep the Marine Corps forward deployed at all times…

  15. you guys can take your tinfoil hats off, notice the people that are aggressors are wearing PT belts, meaning they are part of the Marine Corps and are role players. I don't get where all this martial law crap is coming from but its seriously stupid.

  16. The thought of this operation is un-nerving, when I was in we couldn't be off base in uniform unless it was dress apparel and now the Corps is doing train ups in neighbor hoods? However if you notice the racing stripes and high and tights on all the "civilians" in the video, it makes me wonder as a Marine what the military is up to.

  17. Thanks for uploading this. 2:40 left an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach – the `food & water' chants while rattling the fence. Are they being desensitised to concentration camp conditions?

  18. Would like to know what the scenario of this particular exercise was. Also, what is the  overall purpose of Jade Helm. What are the troops being trained to deal with. Would like an informed opinion from a jade helm participant if possible.

  19. On a side note: I am getting so sick of the douchebag "Here's my new lamborghini, but you know what I like more the materialistic things?" WHAT DICK IN YOUR MOUTH? God he's on every advertisement on YouTube.  Anyways, back to the video now.

  20. This is all BULLSHIT! These photos and videos are from the Weapons and Tactics Instructor course held in Yuma twice each year. The Marines have been doing this for more than five years now.

  21. Well people.. If you are reading this in the future it is 5/28/2015. I am an American Citizen, 25years of age. I have been exposing the Government and their frauds and scandals for 5 years now. The time in America seems to be coming to a close. Obama is pushing the thresholds with just about everything he can and well now, this. Just know that I did not go into one of the Internment Camps for the Dollar collapse, I was prepared and fought alongside my brothers and sisters of Patriots to Defend our Country just like our forefathers. American will never be the same -Sam L

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