Focuses on the cocaine culture, discussing who is using it, how, why, and at what cost financially, physically, and emotionally. Shows interviews with law enforcement officials, users, former dealers, a minister, a customs official, and several physicians. Includes footage of a cocaine bust in progress and a Coast Guard interception at sea


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  1. wow! Where in the hell did you find this mini doc…? I noticed a few things it was made by Langley/Barbour that's the company that produces cops. Then the song at the beginning, of the video I remember that song.πŸ˜‰ lastly Hoyt Axton he played the father in the movie, Gremlins he's narrating. Also I noticed that the onus is on white people, somehow that switch to black people when they (the government) wanted to make money on the suffering, of poor, black folks, South Central, Los Angeles anybody we didn't start the cocaine fire?Freeway Ricky Ross they tried to make him the face of cocaine. This is very interesting…thanks for sharing.

  2. Isn't it a trip how so many brothas went down, and are still going down behind this drug, yet you never see him fly the planes, drive the boats, or drive the trucks over the border to bring it into the country. The war on drugs aka war on the blk man…appreciate these gems Hez! Keep up the good stuff brother

  3. Haha, yes. For a time in the '70s, it was thought that cocaine was "no more addictive than peanut butter." Freebase & crack put an end to THAT notion, lol. I chew coca leaves…that's actually a healthy habit. Full of nutrients & trace minerals. Everything's made out of coca flour in Peru, Bolivia, etc.

  4. Hez… I was moving Pharmaceutical Cocaine from 78 – 80… Pure Merck company "Cocaine Hydrochloride" flakes" usp…
    Had a hook up thru a pharmacy…
    40 years ago i remember like it was this morning… Qualuudes too!
    Find me a time machine somewhere in with these classic flicks!

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