18-Year-Old Marine Recruit Identified As Teen Killed In Ohio State Fair Accident

One person was killed and several others injured after a ride malfunctioned on the opening night of the Ohio State Fair, according to officials. An 18-year-old died after being thrown from the Fire Ball when it reportedly broke apart. The victim has been identified as Tyler Jarrell of Columbus, who had just joined the U.S. Marine Corps. The young man wanted to be in the infantry or serve as a combat engineer, CBS News reported. He enlisted Friday and was set to begin basic training next summer.


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24 thoughts on “18-Year-Old Marine Recruit Identified As Teen Killed In Ohio State Fair Accident

  1. I live in ohio and that ride is at kings island which is in ohio its called the delirium but the rides is connected but still scary

  2. Omg. Just don't live life if you people feel like you never want to ride on these things again. You can die just easily crossing the street or driving.

  3. my brother and his girlfriend where going on the ride (at the time it was about to crash) but luckily his girlfriend talked him out of going on it.

  4. Man, that ride was my favorite… Now I'm terrified of it. I'll pray for the guy and his girlfriend, God bless him.

  5. Sad to hear he joined the marines a week before this accident. He never made it to hold the marine title, he'll still be one of us. Semper fi brother??❤️.

  6. Why would you want to go on it anyway . So many people have been dying from these rides recently mainly down to the ride being faulty

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